From materials to structures

This axis is devoted to the construction of stochastic and geometrical frameworks for the linear and nonlinear modeling of heterogeneous materials and complex structures. The purpose of this research is twofold. On the one hand, the proposed approaches aim at improving both the predictiveness and robustness of computational simulations in mechanics of materials and structures. These approaches are also intended, on the other hand, to create new trends and optimization procedures for architectured micro-structures and structures. Axis 4 involves strong technical and methodological aspects, and builds upon an innovative dialogue between theoretical modeling, computational simulations and experimental characterization. Core topics focus on:

  • Stochastic modeling, identification and propagation of uncertainties at relevant scales;
  • Geometrical modeling of structures, both in discrete and continuum frameworks, as well as on ad hoc differential geometry tools.


Topical applications include:

  • Construction and identification of probabilistic models;
  • Propagation of uncertainties across the scales;
  • Modeling of random media with no scale separation;
  • Construction of methodologies for robust design;
  • Design of advanced experimental methods for the analysis of structures in civil engineering.

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