There are currently four open post-doc positions (12 to 18 months) within the transverse projects, for a start in Fall 2017 or early 2018:

  • Élaboration et études multi-échelles de matériaux « bio-inspirés » (transverse project 1, 12 months) – POSITION NO LONGER OPEN
  • Modeling of effective properties of bi-porous materials (transverse project 1, 12 months) – POSITION NO LONGER OPEN
  • Experimental study on cracking of heterogeneous porous media (transverse project 2, 18 months) – POSITION NO LONGER OPEN
  • Modélisation moléculaire des suspensions de silice colloïdale : des interactions élémentaires au comportement macroscopique (transverse project 3, 18 months) – contact : anael.lemaitre@ifsttar.fr

There are no longer open PhD fellowships from Labex MMCD. However, prospective PhD students are encouraged to visit the websites of the laboratories participating to the Labex to learn more about potential offers.

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