Liang Xia

The proposed project aims to model coupling between microcracking and fluid transport in saturated porous media and and to develop numerical methods to simulate propagation of crack networks in heterogeneous porous media at the scale of the pores and inclusions. The objectives of this project are

  • To develop an efficient numerical method to simulate initiation and propagation of crack networks in saturated porous media, including hydro-mechanical coupling.
  • Apply the method to realistic models of elementary volumes obtained from microtomography images of concrete of cement.
  • Develop a model of damage for the interface in which the crack is saturated by a fluid.
  • Study the coupling between mechanical and hydraulic effects on the damage of a concrete structure by the present numerical framework and develop, if the time allows it, a micro-macro scale transition of the damage of the porous media.

Figure 1: hydraulic fracture simulation including interfacial damage in heterogeneous media
whose geometry is provided by microtomography images

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