Mathilde Weiss-Maurin

Développement de nouveaux revêtements hybrides antibactériens issus des bio-ressources par photochimie

Research team: Davy-Louis Versace (ICMPE), Fabrice Detrez (MSME), Langlois Valérie (ICMPE), Mathilde Laurent-Brocq (ICMPE), Samir Abbad Andaloussi (IEES Paris)

Brief summary:

Achievement: Design of rapid, low cost and eco-friendly coatings with both interesting mechanical properties (e.g., flexibility and ductility) and long-time antibacterial properties against pathogenic bacteria (essentially with Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus). It can be of prime importance for the development and the use of hybrid antibacterial coatings that are relevant to the general domain of hospital safety and pathogenic infection in hospitals.

The new properties of the coatings will be worthwhile to overcome the actual brakes associated with the weak mechanical resistance and the short-time antibacterial properties of the coatings described in literature. Moreover, the proposed photochemical methodology for developing hybrid coatings will offer extended life expectancy over the different antibacterial coatings described in literature, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Among the many benefits included:

i) Coating that can easily combine hardness and flexibility

ii) More mechanical resistance

iii) Permanent antibacterial properties

iv) Low cost coatings

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