Thibault Lerouge

Multifunctional porous materials for sustainable construction

Advisors: Philippe Coussot (NAVIER), Daniel Grande (ICMPE), Olivier Pitois (NAVIER), Benjamin Le Droumaguet (ICMPE)

Brief summary:

In this work we intend to study experimentally transport, mechanical, acoustical and thermal properties of construction materials. The objective is understand these properties and their links from a fundamental point of view. In that aim we will focus on model bi-porous systems, which can be considered as representing a situation now often encountered in construction (a matrix with inclusions of another porous material type).

These materials will be prepared with two different techniques recently developed at ICMPE, which make it possible to vary the porosity, the pore size (down to nanometer), the degree of connection between pores and the wetting properties. Different situations can be considered concerning the relative pore sizes of the inclusions and the matrix. The morphology of such systems can then be characterized.

We will then study the physical properties of such systems. In particular we will follow the transfers by NMR (from one phase to another) and MRI (through the material) during different process such as drying and imbibition. We will also study the mechanical, thermal and acoustical properties of the materials with different systems developed in Navier or in collaboration with two other laboratories (MSME and MSC (Paris)).

From the data we expect to be able to extract clear trends making it possible to deduce the links between these different properties. Ideally we would like to be able to draw a diagram showing how these properties evolve as a function material parameters, and finally be able to identify some “ideal” materials exhibiting the best physical characteristics for construction applications. This would provide a frame of reference for the development of future materials.


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